Joinchat Premium β€” Changelog

5.0.14 (2023-12-22)

  • Tweak β€” Secure: Escaped translations

Support Agents

  • Fix β€” Allow save no agents on post/term settings


  • Fix β€” Don’t show if no channels and no agents

5.0.13 (2023-11-27)

Chat Funnels

  • Fix β€” Error on load encoded emojis
  • Tweak β€” Ensure save encoded emojis
  • Tweak β€” Post type only public on preview prevent unnecessary metaboxes on edit

Support Agents

  • Tweak β€” Better integration with Woo product button


  • Tweak β€” Bump tested up to WordPress 6.4
  • Tweak β€” Bump required min version of WordPress to 4.9

Chat Funnels

  • New β€” Code editor on edit Chat Funnel text view
  • Fix β€” On read multiline messages with indentation indicator
  • Tweak β€” Enhance Chat Funnel preview content


  • Fix β€” Hidden contact when has one agent and no more channels available
  • Fix β€” Minified admin styles


  • New β€” Add check license status button
  • Fix β€” Allow license deactivation if already deactivated from Joinchat account
  • Tweak β€” Add-ons updated styles
  • Tweak β€” Bump required min Joinchat version to 5.0.13


  • Tweak β€” Better styles dependencies for load common styles and load them in the right order
  • Fix β€” PHP warning on Joinchat menu


  • Fix β€” Plugin auto-update message


  • New β€” Better integration with license activation and automatic updates
  • Tweak β€” Bump required min Joinchat version to 5.0.12

CTA Extras

  • Fix β€” Loading dots added dark mode style

Chat Funnels

  • New β€” Message bubbles aligned



  • Fix β€” Better behavior on limit scenarios (e.g. only WhatsApp after hide channels and support agents not visibles)



  • Fix β€” Error with Chat Funnels introduced in previous version

Chat Funnels

  • Fix β€” Load preview without post autosave


  • Tweak β€” Reduced minifed scripts size
  • Fix β€” Use last version for assets
  • Tweak β€” Bump tested up to WordPress 6.3
  • Tweak β€” Bump required min version of Joinchat to 5.0.8


  • New β€” WeChat save QR image on mobile for app scan
  • Fix β€” WeChat always shows the QR code even if the “QR Code” setting is disabled
  • Fix β€” Better QR calc position that prevents flickering
  • Fix β€” Allow data uris for custom channels image



  • Fix β€” WhatsApp channel malformed link
  • New β€” On 'joinchat:open' trigger added message param on channels that allow prefilled message


Chat Funnels

  • New β€” Smooth scroll to same page anchor links

Support Agents

  • Tweak β€” Minor optimization with localized strings



  • New β€” Add dynamic var “{WHATSAPP}” to use in other channels

Support Agents

  • Fix β€” Front load settings filters


  • New β€” Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Fix β€” Fatal error when not Joinchat free is present
  • Tweak β€” Minor fixes and improvements


  • First version all Joinchat add-ons wrapped in one plugin

Chat Funnels

  • First version Simple funnels like a messaging chatbot
  • New β€” Create chat funnels with unlimited steps
  • New β€” Options “Go to Step”, “Link” and “Contact”
  • New β€” Simple and intuitive editor
  • New β€” Preview chat funnels
  • New β€” Super-easy copy & paste chat funnels

CTA Extras

  • New β€” Joinchat Premium integrated
  • New β€” Random text option (e.g. {RAND Hello,|Hi,|Welcome,})
  • Tweak β€” Improvements to replacements for better nested tags support
  • Fix β€” Code tags regex
  • Fix β€” Split tags don’t must wrap Opt-in


  • New β€” Joinchat Premium integrated
  • Fix β€” Show directly agents if only WhatsApp channel available
  • Tweak β€” Sticky channels at chatbox bottom

Random Phone

  • New β€” Joinchat Premium integrated
  • Tweak β€” Use Joinchat clean function for well-formed international numbers

Support Agents

  • New β€” Joinchat Premium integrated
  • New β€” Add setting to show directly extended agents
  • Tweak β€” Sticky agents at chatbox bottom
  • Tweak β€” Remove legacy migration code
  • Fix β€” Don’t hide if no agents but are other contact channels
  • Fix β€” Don’t show agents without phone & better advise in admin if missing phone
  • Tweak β€” Use Joinchat clean function for well-formed international numbers